KWIC - Tournament Records


KWIC - Tournament Records


The Tournament Records series is arranged alphabetically first by sport, and then chronologically by school year. Each folder represents one school year, except in cases where the records from that tournament require more than one folder. Within each folder, the records are further subdivided into eight categories: Correspondence, Tournament Eligibility Affidavits and Team Rosters, Programs, Tournament Schedule, Tournament Score sheets, Tournament Results, Publicity, and Tournament Evaluations and Reports. Not every folder will contain all eight sections. The Correspondence sections contains mailings that were sent to the participating member schools in that particular sport, as well as correspondence sent between members regarding various aspects of the tournament. This section generally does not contain any correspondence that deals with the financial side of the tournament. Those correspondence will be found in the Tournament Evaluations and Reports sections, as it seems more appropriate to keep these items with the tournament financial reports. The Tournament Eligibility Affidavits and Team Rosters sections contain the affidavits of eligibility for each participating schools' athletes, as well as team rosters. If an athlete were not listed on their school's eligibility affidavit, she could not participate in the tournament. The Programs section contains official programs distributed at the tournament. The Tournament Schedule section contains the schedule of the tournament, often including the times for each game, match, etc., as well as the field or court it was to be held. This section occasionally holds the officials' schedules, indicating which game or match they would be officiating and the time of said event. The Tournament Score sheets section contains score sheets used by the official score keepers to record the statistics of each game or match. The Tournament Results section lists the results of the tournament, often including a list of the all-tournament team. The Publicity section holds posters, fliers, and newspaper clippings that publicized the tournament. The Tournament Evaluations and Reports section often includes the tournament commissioner's evaluation, as well as evaluations filed by participating coaches. It also includes the financial reports of the tournament, as well as correspondence pertaining to tournament finances. Occasionally a report from a coaches' meeting held shortly before the tournament is also included.



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