EKU Photographs


EKU Photographs


The Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) Photograph Collection consists of photographs and negatives of students, faculty, and events at EKU. Subjects range from individual faculty headshots and classroom pictures to commencement and candid everyday student life photos. Organizational pictures, shots of campus in general, athletics and other official photos taken from the university photographer are also included. Many of these images were taken for publication in marketing materials or for use in the school newspaper, yearbook and alumni magazines. The collection also includes snapshots taken by employees attending events.

The collection may be used for all types of research, keeping in mind that individuals are often unidentified, so search broadly. All images available have been described here, but not all are scanned. Photographs with only a description can be requested by filling out a duplication request (see the link in the menu at the top of the page).



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