From our roots here in Richmond, to our satellite campuses, to our alumni across the nation and across the world, we are One Eastern. But what does it mean to be part of this great institution—to be One Eastern? If you ask any Colonel, you could get a dozen different replies. Some might say that to be One Eastern, you need to have gone to an EKU football game and root for the Colonels. Others may say that to be One Eastern means to rub Daniel Boone’s toe for good luck. To be One Eastern could be as simple as studying in the Ravine or hanging out at Powell Corner.

Since our establishment in 1906, we have adapted and grown, and the definition of what makes us Eastern has changed. The decades come and go, trends and traditions come to life and fade away, and some are reborn. Though the names of these traditions may change over the years, the feelings associated with them remain the same. Colonels throughout time have felt the thrill of an at-home game at Roy Kidd Stadium, the pride of walking through Turner Gates, the joy of tossing your cap at graduation.

To be One Eastern is to be a Colonel, to be a teacher, a student, faculty, or staff. To be One Eastern is to share experiences that are not bound by the threads of time or distance. This is One Eastern: all of us, as individuals, together!


Mathew Parrish, Caitlyn Rahschulte, Ashley Thacker