Hiram Brock Auditorium (Coates Building)

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Brock Auditorium from the back doors

Brock Auditorium from the back doors.

EKU is home to many theatres and auditoriums, but none quite as distinctive as Hiram Brock Auditorium. Added to the Coates Building in 1929, it has room for 1,800 people and houses a pipe organ. The Coates Building resembles others on campus, but Brock makes it a stand-out. The auditorium is a breathtaking piece of EKU’s history. Grecian-style statuettes grace alcoves in the walls. Trims on the ceiling, pastel colors, and marble flooring make one feel elegant walking through. It is a charming, old-fashioned experience that differs from the modernity of the newer EKU Center for the Arts across campus.