A New Tradition (Turner Gate)

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(Above) Freshmen walking though Turner Gate

Donated by Board of Regents Chair Craig Turner and his wife Madonna, this gateway has led to a new tradition for Eastern - the Welcome Walk. The Welcome Walk for freshmen through the gateway symbolizes the life changing significance of the Eastern experience. The structure is distinguished by four simple, yet powerful words: Wisdom and Knowledge on one side, describing what students seek; and Purpose and Passion on the other, detailing what they acquire during their studies to use for the betterment of society. Inscribed on the plaque are the following words: "Enter these gates with humility, Acquire knowledge to gain wisdom, Depart these gates with confidence, Live life with passion and purpose." Both Turners graduated from EKU in 1975 and wanted a gateway to EKU that equaled the beauty of the existing buildings. Their vision has become a focal point for photographs, hangout spots, meeting points, and a welcoming entrance for the campus.