Earle B. Combs

Louisville Slugger Mini-Bat

Earle B. Combs signature Louisville Slugger mini-bat.

Earle Combs attended Eastern Kentucky State Normal School in 1916. Initially, he did not intend to play baseball at school but after several of his friends saw his talent he was persuaded. He went on to play for teams in Lexington, High Splint, and for the American’s Association league’s Louisville Colonels. In 1924, he joined the New York Yankees and played for them until he was injured in 1935. He continued his baseball career by coaching the Yankees, the St. Louis Browns, the Boston Red Sox, and the Philadelphia Phillies. Combs is a member of the Kentucky Sports Hall of Fame, and was inducted in the Hall of Fame at Cooperstown, N.Y. Combs Hall was named in 1962 to honor the baseball player. The dorm housed 242 women and was located in the center of the campus. Unfortunately, the hall was removed in 2014 but the new baseball complex, Earle Combs Stadium, has been named in memory of him.  Displayed here is a memorabilia Louisville Slugger baseball bat engraved with Combs signature.