International Students

Lord's Prayer in Chinese

Lord's Prayer in Chinese.  Gifted to Eastern by Kuo Chou Wu, ca. 1955.

After World War II, Eastern’s campus became more global with the arrival of international students.  These students came to Eastern from the far reaches of the world to study and receive an education that was often inaccessible at home.  For some students, their experiences at Eastern followed wartime tragedies in their home countries. Corazon Baldos started attending classes in 1949.  From the Philippines, she lost both her young child and husband along with hundreds of neighbors in a massacre. Another student arriving in 1949 was Kou Chou Wu, from Fukien, China.  He went back to China after graduation, but kept in touch with his favorite professors and administrators. He sent this copy of the Lord’s Prayer printed in Chinese to Eastern.