Meadowbrook Farm & Stateland Dairy

Student Jayne Judd milking cows

Student Jayne Judd milking cows, 1979.

EKU founded Stateland Dairy in 1912 as an aid for the Agriculture curriculum that began in 1906. This is the second oldest program on campus. The dairy houses 120 Holstein cows and many can be traced back to 5 cows that were purchased in the 1920’s. This facility has been relocated four times, but has remained at the current location since January 1996. In addition to this operation, EKU also purchased Meadowbrook Farm to give students opportunities to work with more crops and animals that were not available at Stateland Farm. This farm was established in 1974 allowing students to have a more hands on experience. The 720 acre farm includes beef, dairy, swine, sheep, and goat livestock along with the cultivation of corn and other crops.