Student Government Association

"54 Things to do at EKU" Playing Cards

"54 Things to do at EKU" Playing Cards produced by SGA.

The first steps towards student government on Eastern’s campus were under President Herman L. Donovan but the formation of the organization we know on campus today took many years to coalesce.  In 1928, under the direction of President Donovan,students were encouraged to create a student government and the Eastern Progress discussed student meetings to make steps towards such a goal.  However, in 1938, students were divided on the idea. A vote for student government was split 335 for and 371 against.  In 1954, 26 years after the initial rumblings of student government began on campus, students successfully created the Student Government Association which became a permanent part of campus in 1955.  SGA continues to serve by bringing the voice of students to policy discussions as well as working to connect Eastern students to their campus. These cards, produced by SGA, were meant to introduce new students to Eastern with “54 Things to do at EKU.”