"The Campus Beautiful"

Ravine in the fall

Ravine in the Fall, by Maude Gibson, 1952.

“The Campus Beautiful.”  This phrase has often been used to describe our campus but where did it come from?  The earliest use of this phrase was 113 years ago in 1915 in an issue of The Eastern Review.  It was not just a catchphrase either.  Eastern has always taken pride in its landscaping and physical appearances.  From 1909 to 1959, the famous Olmsted Brothers (known for their work in major parks like New York City’s Central Park as well as National Park Service sites) designed numerous plans for the landscaping of our campus.  The beauty has also inspired artwork. This painting is by a long time Eastern art professor - Maude Gibson. Gibson worked in the art department from 1910-1941 and painted these scenic autumn views of our famous Olmsted designed Ravine.