Student Contributors

Samantha Barlow, Content Writer

Samantha Barlow helped research and write for the EKU x 100 exhibit as a student worker in the summer of 2018.  For Samantha, the experience helped her learn more about campus.  Prior to joining our team, she says, she didn't know much about Eastern's history.  Samantha will be graduating this year (2019) with a major in Criminal Justice and a certificate in Intelligence Studies.  Her favorite part of the exhibit?  The Robert R. Martin Room in the Coates Building.  

Veronica Lawson, Content Writer

Veronica Lawson (Class of 2022) is a Nursing major at EKU.  Veronica currently supplements her studies with volunteer work at Shriners Hospital in Lexington, KY.  After graduation, Veronica hopes to continue doing that kind of work as a nurse.  For Veronica, the EKU x 100 exhibit was a great opportunity to learn more about Eastern's campus.  Her favorite location repersented in the exhibit is Crabbe Library because it holds so much history and information and, she says, "of course, all the amazing books!"

Caitlyn Rahschulte, Content Writer

Caitlyn Rahschulte (Class of 2019) is a Journalism major with a certification in German Language and Culture from Verona, KY. Her love of history runs deep. Not only does Caitlyn plan to pursue work in museums and archives before heading to graduate school, she loves old fashion and even has a personal collection of Victorian pieces. She even has her own history podcast!  That love of history played a role in Caitlyn's work on the EKU x 100 exhibit.  She enjoyed seeing how bits and pieces of Eastern fit together into a big collage. She also liked the collaborative aspect of exhibit development and working with EKU Special Collections & Archives staff and our other student writers.  Of all the 100 people, places, and things, Caitlyn's favorite is Keen Johnson's top hat!

Jacob Wright, Web Developer

Jacob Wright is a Computer Science major (Class of 2021) who helped make this digital exhibit come to life.  Jacob's inerests include studying Japanese, playing games, and volunteering for the Upward Bound Program - a program he is passionate about that's also represented in this exhibit!  Jacob also enjoys solving puzzles.  This skill came in handy while working on this project since he helped write code behind the scenes.  He enjoyed the experience because it gave him a chance to try his hand a real life project outside of the classroom.  Of all the objects and locations in EKU x 100, his favorite was the President Martin groundbreaking shovel.