April 2018 marked the tenth annual First Amendment Week at EKU. The EKU chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) has hosted this annual event since 2003. The week gives us a time to celebrate and exercise our freedom of speech rights, which we use every day.

The First Amendment ensures that everyone has a right to speak. When you sign a petition, practice religion, or even chat openly with your friends, you’re using your rights.

The ways we exercise those rights differ. Some of us may march together, and others may protest with pen and paper. Whether we agree with each other or not, our First Amendment rights give us the opportunity to speak out.

The items in this exhibit show the different ways individuals have utilized free speech. As you look at these items, think about your own relationship with the First Amendment. How do you express yourself, and why? Why is it so important that we uphold and use these freedoms? 


Caitlyn Rahschulte