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Gay, John Woodford Papers

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Gay, John Woodford Papers


J. W. Gay collected photographs of family and friends, certificates important to him, and a photo compilation. Several photographs, including the compilation Atlantic City Views, offer a glimpse of fashions ranging from 1890 to 1920. The Gay Papers include photographs of the Gay, Prewitt, Chenault, and Spears family members. Also included are photographs given as gifts to J.W. Gay from fraternity members.

Only a portion of this collection has been digitized. See the Finding Aid for a description of the entire collection.


1886-ca 1925




  • Collection: Gay, John Woodford Papers

2018A001-28 ca. 1918

2018A001-27 ca. 1920

2018A001-26 ca. 1920

2018A001-25 ca. 1920

2018A001-24 ca. 1918

2018A001-23 ca. 1919

2018A001-22 ca. 1915

2018A001-21 ca. 1900

2018A001-20 ca. 1920

2018A001-19 ca. 1915

2018A001-18 ca. 1915

2018A001-17 ca. 1915

2018A001-16 ca. 1920

2018A001-15 ca. 1915

2018A001-14 ca. 1890

2018A001-13 ca. 1900

2018A001-12 ca. 1900

2018A001-11 ca. 1890

2018A001-10 ca. 1900

2018A001-09 ca. 1900

2018A001-08 ca. 1900

2018A001-07 ca. 1900

2018A001-06 ca. 1900

2018A001-05 ca. 1900

2018A001-04 ca. 1900

2018A001-03 ca. 1900

2018A001-02 ca. 1920

2018A001-01 Sept. 29 1886