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Athletic Director's Office Records

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Athletic Director's Office Records


Women athletes.
College sports -- Management


The Athletic Director's Office Records documents the evolution of athletics at Eastern Kentucky University, as well as the activities of team and individual sports programs. Also documented is the effect of Title IX on sports participation at the university. The collection includes statistics, scorebooks, schedules, scrapbooks, programs, correspondence, meeting minutes, press releases, news clippings, media guides, and other information related to the athletics department at Eastern Kentucky University. The information in the collection covers the years 1926-2011, though the bulk of the material dates from 1970-1989. The collection is organized into six series: Administrative Files, Women's Intercollegiate Athletic Director, Sports Information Director, Intercollegiate Sports, Intramural Sports, and Research on Graduation Rates of EKU Athletes. The Intercollegiate Sports series has been subdivided into twenty-seven subseries: baseball, men's basketball, women's basketball, men's and women's basketball, men's cross country, women's cross country, men's and women's cross country, field hockey, football, men's golf, women's golf, men's and women's golf, men's gymnastics, women's gymnastics, rifle team, softball, men's swimming, women's swimming, men's and women's swimming, men's tennis, women's tennis, men's and women's tennis, men's track and field, women's track and field, men's and women's track and field, volleyball, and wrestling. The Intramural Sports series has been subdivided into six subseries: bowling, boxing, Catalina Club, cheer leading, judo, and trap and skeet team.

Only a portion of this collection has been digitized. See the Finding Aid for a description of the entire collection.




documents, minutes, correspondence, reports, news clippings, calendars






  • Collection: Athletic Director's Office Records
1986A006-b005-f02-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b005-f02 November 13, 1973-April 9, 1982
1986A006-b005-f04-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b005-f04 April 28, 1980-April 29, 1982
1986A006-b005-f03-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b005-f03 February 19, 1980-February 7, 1983
1986A006-b005-f01-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b005-f01 May 18, 1977-November 13, 1978
1986A006-b005-f01-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b005-f01 May 18, 1977-November 13, 1978
1986A006-b004-f27-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b004-f27 April 27, 1977-April 2, 1982
1986A006-b004-f26-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b004-f26 April 7, 1976-May 6, 1982
1986A006-b004-f25-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b004-f25 May 1981-May 1982
1986A006-b004-f24-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b004-f24 April 1980-April 1981
1986A006-b004-f23-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b004-f23 January 1978-March 1980
1986A006-b004-f22-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b004-f22 Calendars, January-June 1983
1986A006-b004-f21-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b004-f21 January-May 1982, August-December 1982
1986A006-b004-f20-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b004-f20 January-May 1981, August-December 1981
1986A006-b004-f19-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b004-f19 January-May 1980, August-December 1980
1986A006-b004-f18-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b004-f18 January-June 1979, August-December 1979
1986A006-b004-f17-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b004-f17 August-December 1978
1986A006-b004-f16-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b004-f16 January-May 1976
1986A006-b004-f15-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b004-f15 January-May 1975, August-December 1975
1986A006-b004-f14-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b004-f14 January-May 1974, August-December 1974
1986A006-b004-f13-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b004-f13 January-June 1973, August-December 1973
1986A006-b004-f12-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b004-f12 August-December 1972

1986a006-b064-f7-i7 1967

1986a006-b065-f01-i04 1969-10-25

1986a006-b065-f03-i02 1970-10-31


1986a006-b030-f06-i06 1971-01-18

1986a006-b030-f06-i02 1968-11-30

1986a006-b01-f01 1966-1968
1986A006-b004-f02-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b004-f02 May 12, 1977

1986A006-b004-f01 1972-1981
1986A006-b003-f24-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b003-f24 1980-1981
1986A006-b006-f12-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b006-f12 1983
1986A006-b006-f11-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b006-f11 1982
1986A006-b006-f10-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b006-f10 1981
1986A006-b006-f09-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b006-f09 1980
1986A006-b006-f08-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b006-f08 1975-1979
1986A006-b006-f06-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b006-f06 1970-1983
1986A006-b006-f07-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b006-f07 1982-1983
1986A006-b006-f03-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b006-f03 1973-1982
1986A006-b006-f01-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b006-f01 January 25, 1981, May 3, 1981
1986A006-b005-f24-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b005-f24 November 7, 1974-February 8, 1983
1986A006-b005-f12-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b005-f12 December 15, 1978-June 7, 1983
1986A006-b005-f11-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b005-f11 1984
1986A006-b005-f08-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b005-f08 1976
1986A006-b005-f07-001.jpg photo_library

1986A006-b005-f07 1975

1986A006-b005-f06 1974

1986A006-b005-f05 1976-1979

1986A006-b004-f05 undated